Athens Energy Forum 2016 | Introduction

International events and environmental concerns are maintaining the energy security and the need for diversification at the top of the EU’s foreign policy agenda. The situation in the Middle East and North Africa compounds the challenge of finding reliable sources of alternative supplies. What makes this backdrop even more daunting is that crises in Russia and Ukraine and parts of the Middle East coincide with other vital energy security challenges. The TAP project: hailed by many as a “game changer” for the energy map of the region remains a high priority for Greece. What is the current situation. Is TAP on schedule and on budget? Are there new cooperation and development opportunities for the project? Gas & Oil exploration in Greece, Cyprus & eastern Mediterranean: What is the real picture like? Are new techniques and technologies increasing the potential of the region? As the reforms in the Greek energy market continue with the restructuring of the electricity sector or the privatizations in the gas sector, what are the opportunities and threats ahead?

Conference Topics

The brave new world of energy

The Geopolitical Framework

Are Russia and the West moving towards a new Cold War type of confrontation over Ukraine and Syria or are witnessing the mergence of a new type of “cold collaboration”?
What are the lasting strategic implications of the "Arab Spring" five years on?
Is there a Common EU Foreign Energy Policy?

Energy Finance at times of Crisis?

What role for the European Investment Bank?
Private Banking in Energy Projects: What role for the Juncker Project?
Direct and Indirect Subsidies in RES Financing: Is the Feed-in-Tarif Model Sustainable?


The Energy & Climate Change Balance: European Challenges & National Prerogatives

What do the results of the Paris Climate Change Conference entail for European and Regional Energy Policy?
How likely is an EU-wide "Energy Union" and what are its implications for Member-States? What is the role of Greece within the abovementioned EU Climate Change & Energy context?

The Regional Geostrategic Dimension: What role for Greece?

Is there a role for Greece in the Eastern Mediterranean? Is Greece still a leading player in the Balkans? What role can Greece play in the wider Black Sea/Caspian Region?


Upsteam Oil & Gas Developments in Greece and the east Mediterranean

What lies ahead for Greece's Exploration & Production (E&P) Strategy?
How does the discovery of the Zhor field in Egypt's EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) affect the prospects for 
East Med gas deliveries to Europe?
What are the major E&P investment prospects in the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea region?

Investing in Electricity: Regional and National Perspectives

How is the electricity market privatization proceeding? What is the future for ADMHE? Progress Report: Electricity Interconnections within Greece and beyond What are the major investment opportunities in S.E. Europe?


Mid-Stream Oil & Gas Developments-Pipeline Strategies

Is the Southern Gas Corridor on time? Is the TANAP/TAP Corridor on schedule? 
What lies ahead after Shah Deniz 2? 
Is Turkmen and Kurdish Gas a viable option for EU Energy Security? 
What is the Progress Report for the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Pipeline? 
Is there going to be a Turkish Stream? 
Is a Greek Stream project viable?

Investing in RES & Energy Efficiency: Regional and National Perspectives

Investing in RES & Energy Efficiency: Regional and National Perspectives How has the economic crisis affected the RES market? Is Greece on schedule to meet its 20-20-20 targets? What are the major investment opportunities in S.E. Europe?

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